Company profile

Masspeclink Technologies, LLC, is engaged in the laboratory analytical equipment maintenance, service and sales company, the company takes pride in providing exceptional scientific equipment maintenance and repair service for different kind of laboratories. We specialize in AB Sciex products, and accommodate many other models and brands of mass spectrometers and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment. We offer services bound by annual contracts and those that allow customers to hire us for short-term repair jobs only.

Brands we service:
AB Sciex mass spectrometers: API2000, API3000, API3200, API4000, API4000 QTRAP, API5000, API5500, API6500, and API6500+, etc
Agilent Technologies: 1100 series, 1200 series, 1260 series, 1290 series, 6890 series, 7890 series, etc
Shimadzu HPLC systems: LC-10 series, LC-20 series, LC-30 series, etc
Waters HPLC and UPLCs: 2690 series, 2695 series, and Acquity series, etc