Secret Lab LC/MS/MS new main platform: 4500 series

Introduction to the new 4500 LC/MS/MS main platform

The AB SCIEX TripleQuadTM 4500 and QTRAP® 4500 systems are new mass spectrometers, and the TripleQuadTM 4500 is 10 times more sensitive than other triple quadrupole mass spectrometers on the market. The introduction of the AB SCIEX 4500 Series mass spectrometer sets a new benchmark for routine quantification and screening analysis.

Based on feedback from top scientists and application experts in the analytical science community, the 4500 Series mass spectrometer was redesigned on AB SCIEX's existing systems, which will be the latest in mass spectrometry with industry-leading durability.

3 major innovations, 8 inheritances, “high, fast, spiritual”

As a world leader in mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX has launched a series of high-end mass spectrometry products over the past few decades. From 2000, 3000, 3200, 4000 series platforms to 5000 platforms, these mass spectrometry products play an important role in the research of pharmaceuticals and biomarkers. The current 5500 Series mass spectrometer is an innovative instrument that is the benchmark for industry instruments: it represents higher sensitivity, faster scanning speed and better selectivity; it is currently a higher performance series triple quadrupole; It is a performance that is difficult for other competing products. Over the years, customers have been very good at AB SCIEX's 4000 and 5500 platforms. On this basis, AB SCIEX continued to play the excellent quality of the 5500 platform and launched a new 4500 series.

The 4500 mass spectrometer series is based on the 5500 series and is a high-end mass spectrometer. It is more attractive for users who plan to purchase the AB SCIEX mass spectrometer.

The new product 4500 mass spectrometer adopts the design strategy of “innovation + inheritance”. It has the characteristics of “three innovations” and “eight inheritances” and the distinctive features of “high, fast and spiritual”, which enables more laboratories to adopt. State-of-the-art mass spectrometry technology for extensive research and routine measurement.

Three innovations – a new design for the tapered bore, RF electric field, and vacuum system of the 4500 Series mass spectrometer.

(1) New tapered hole design: lower vacuum load and better system stability.

(2) New RF electric field: The new RF electric field frequency makes the upper limit of the mass range 2000 m/z; it is better for better constrained ion beam, especially for low mass end ions, providing better signal to noise ratio.

(3) New vacuum system: curved design, better insulation and better protection to ensure better vacuum.

Eight inheritance - Adhering to the advantages and features of the AB SCIEX 5500 series mass spectrometer to ensure the best performance.

(1) Turbo VTM ion source

(2) Curtain Gas for back air curtain to ensure the durability of the system

(3) QJet® 2 iontophoresis system with better ion focusing performance and better introduction into mass spectrometry

(4) Patented Q0 collision focus

(5) Curved LINACTM linear acceleration collision cell (Qurved LINAC®)

(6) Linear AcceleratorTM (Linear AcceleratorTM)

(7) Pulse Technology Detector (AcQuRateTM), a detection technology for fast scanning speeds

(8) The same application software platform

Distinctive features of "high, fast, and spiritual"

· High vacuum: The instrument is smaller and has a better vacuum.

· High system durability: more reliable performance and higher productivity.

· High mass range: 2,000 m/z for a wide range of compound determinations.

Faster quadrupole scan and MRM scan speed: 12,000 Da/sec, 1 ms ion dwell time (dwell time)

· Faster ion trap scanning speed: 20,000 Da/s.

· QTRAP resolutions up to 14,000 FWHM.

· Faster positive and negative switching speed: 50ms.

· Higher MRM Quantitative Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the system is increased by a factor of 10 compared to other comparable quadruple quadrupole mass spectrometers on the market.

· Higher Ion Trap Scanning Qualitative Sensitivity: 100 times better than basic triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, and the system's data for screening applications delivers unparalleled confidence.

· Higher MRM3 sensitivity: Helps eliminate matrix interference and enhances qualitative and quantitative capabilities.

· A wide range of ion sources: 4500 series mass spectrometers can be configured with a variety of ion sources, such as AB SCIEX's most distinctive conventional flow rate Turbo VTM (TurboIonSpray® and APCI), nanoliter flow rate NanoSpray® III, composite ion source DuoSprayTM, analysis PhotoSpray®, a photoionization source for weakly polar compounds, Phytronix LDTD source for liquid surface analysis, Advion Triversa Nanomate, a fully automated nanoliter electrospray ion source based on nanochip technology.

Progress of the 4500 platform in software

In response to the software features raised by the media, Gao said: "Modern mass spectrometry technology is increasingly entering routine testing and research laboratories. Instrument users hope that mass spectrometer operation and data processing are becoming easier and simpler. We pay great attention to application software. Development and application, developed a variety of applications for various industries, such as food safety analysis Cliquid® software, multi-component quantitative MultiQuantTM software, genetic disease screening ChemoViewTM software, Chinese medicine research and drug metabolomics MarkerViewTM Software, drug metabolism LightSight® software, drug discovery quantitative DiscoveryQuantTM software protein analysis ProteinPilotTM software and BioAnalystTM software, these instrument control software and data processing software are fully upgraded, making the operation of the whole system more convenient, easy and intuitive. Data processing is faster, data reporting is more user-generated, and it greatly helps analysts increase the productivity and efficiency of their research."

Wide range of user groups and application areas

AB SCIEX has a wide range of domestic and foreign user groups, such as CDC, FDA, CIQ and other national inspection departments; Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan University and other national scientific research departments; GSK, Pfizer and other famous domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies; and such as SGS A large number of third-party testing laboratories.

The general manager of the high alcohol company said: AB SCIEX 4500 series mass spectrometer has been launched by PITTCON 2012, and it has attracted the attention of many users. For example, Jiang Xiangyu, deputy director of the CROC analysis and instrument services laboratory, the world's largest CRO, believes that “a new generation of technology offers the possibility to improve the analysis. There are 42 sets in our Covens LC/MS laboratory. With the API4000TM mass spectrometer, I am very pleased to see the emergence of this new generation of main technologies. As we face challenges and opportunities, technological advancement is also very important."

When a customer asked about the application characteristics of AB SCIEX's latest series quadrupole product 4500 and series quadrupole linear ion trap compound system QTRAP® 4500 food inspection, Gao said: these two instruments are in food safety. There are many advantages in terms of detection. Such as: ultra-high quantitative sensitivity, excellent data reproducibility and quantitative accuracy, both instruments use Turbo VTM ion source, making the whole system with superior anti-pollution ability, which is the food testing laboratory. High-throughput sample testing provides a very good mass spectrometry platform; the QTRAP® 4500 system's unique working model, such as MRM-IDA-EPI, provides high quality in food safety risk assessment, screening for banned chemical residues in food, Data reliable analysis results. At the same time, AB SCIEX launched the latest solution bundle, called the AB SCIEX Acceleration Lab Integration Pack. The package includes not only mass spectrometry systems, but also standards, software, training, validation services, and liquid phase systems (Eksigent ekspertTM ultral 100 and 100-XL systems). This can significantly improve the efficiency and simplicity of mass spectrometry and can be used in a wider range of laboratories. In a word, it provides a high-performance, integrated solution for food inspection, simplifying the use of LC/MS/MS systems.

Related products and technologies launched during the same period

At the just-concluded Pittcon 2012 conference, AB SCIEX launched a number of products including the 4500 platform. Gao General Manager gave an introduction.

Products matching the 4500 platform

To simplify the use of next-generation LC/MS/MS systems, AB SCIEX introduces the latest solution bundle called the AB SCIEX Acceleration Lab Integration Pack. The package includes not only mass spectrometry systems, but also standards, software, training, validation services, and liquid phase systems (Eksigent ekspertTM ultral 100 and 100-XL systems). This can significantly improve the efficiency and simplicity of mass spectrometry and can be used in a wider range of laboratories.

Independent liquid series

At Pittcon 2012, AB SCIEX announced the launch of the analytical grade Eksigent series based on the established industry reputation and advantages of Eksigent and the upgraded liquid phase, which changed the AB SCIEX without analytical grade liquid phase. history.

The Eksigent ekspertTM series of Eksigent ekspertTM ultral LC 100 and 100-XL systems are analytical grade flow rate UHPLC liquid phase systems that further enhance AB SCIEX's complete LC/MS/MS workflow solution.

Regarding the new Eksigent UHPLC ultra-high-speed liquid phase system, General Manager Gao said: “Chromatography is an important part of AB SCIEX business and our value to customers. As an integrated LC/MS system supplier, we focus on users. Providing the value of a complete workflow. In combination with the new ultral LC system, we are tailoring a simplified UHPLC-MS solution for customers in the areas of food testing, clinical research and forensic toxicology. To achieve the Eksigent brand in liquid chromatography The long-term potential of the solution, first of all to maintain the growth and development of the nanoliter and microliter liquid chromatography business, while striving to increase the business opportunities of the new analytical grade flow LC."

It is understood that Eksigent has an absolute leading position in North America in the field of nanoliter and microliter chromatography; but in China, many users are not familiar with the Eksigent LC brand, and General Manager further introduced the market status and core of Eksigent LC. Technical features, as well as promotional programs in China. He said: "Eksigent Technology became part of AB SCIEX in 2010 and was fully supported by the AB SCIEX sales and service team in 2011. Eksigent Technologies combines the core technology of Micro Flow Control Technology (MFC) with a high pressure pump system. Ensure accurate, stable, reproducible, high-speed chromatographic separation. Existing products cover nano-upgraded liquid chromatography systems such as NanoLC, exclusive multi-chip cHiPLC, micro-upgraded fast liquid chromatography system ekspertTM MicroLC 200, conventional ultra-high performance liquid chromatography ekspertTM ultral LC 100 and 100XL meet a variety of analytical needs. Eksigent has won the 2004 R&D 100 Award, R&D Magazine's Technology Innovation Award as a major advancement in proteomics research Eksigent NanoLC system; Strategic Research International (SDI) evaluation Eksigent is the 'Growth of the fastest growing nano-liquid chromatography system supplier' in 2007. The customers are located in many well-known laboratories around the world, including China's Huada Gene BGI, Beijing Protein Research Center BPRC, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Shenzhen University. Etc. In order to further expand the recognition and application of Chinese customers We will strengthen the promotion of products and technologies, technical support and after-sales application training, so that our customers get more valuable experience. "

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