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Service programs and repair

Comprehensive full service coverage

This comprehensive service plan includes two PMs for LC/MS/MS mass spectrometers and one PM for LC systems annually, with unlimited on-site service including parts and travel and phone support. It eliminates risks and is designed for labs that cannot afford instrument down-time.

Customized service plan

The customized service plan is to provide our customers with their special needs, or customized solutions, for their laboratory requirements.

Hourly billable services

Hourly billable service is a cost effective solution for our customers to meet their laboratory needs through our speedy money-saving and quality-assured services.

Hardware IQ/OQ/PQ and software validations

This service is for our clients working under regulated environments, such as GLP, cGMP complied laboratories. The IQ/OQ/PQ procedures are custom made with traceable reference standards, calibrated temperature and voltage measuring tools, and calibrated flow meters. Hardware IQ/OQ/PQ include, but are not limited to, HPLC-, LC/MS/MS systems, LC-UV//Vis, GC-, GC/MS systems.

Software validations

Software validations are also a requirement for regulated environments, such as GLP, cGMP complied laboratories. The following software can be customized to fit your needs: Analyst software 1.2 to 1.6.3 inclusive from Sciex and Empower 3 software from Waters.

Instruments relocation and lab moving

Laboratory relocation and moving, setups, design and outfitting to make sure that the new facility is fully functional in regards of benches, plumbing, and electrical specifications. Our expertise in the fields of LC/MS/MS system will provide our customers with quality decommissioning, installation, as well as the IQ/OQ/PQ , both before and after the reinstallation.