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Minimize interruptions and tackle technical setbacks to maintain steady sample processing and laboratory efficiency.

Explore the pinnacle of multi-brand LC-MS instrument care with our comprehensive service solutions. Reach out for further details or to receive a prompt service estimate now.

Instrument maintenance

The Brand We Serve

Service Programs And Repair

The customized service plan is to provide our customers with their special needs, or customized solutions.

Hardware IQ/OQ/PQ

This service is for our clients working under regulated environments, such as GLP, cGMP complied laboratories.

Software Validations

Software validations are also a requirement for regulated environments, such as GLP, cGMP complied laboratories.

Instruments Relocation

Laboratory relocation and moving, setups, design and outfitting to make sure that the new facility is fully.

The masspeclink Advantage

MasspecLink Lab Services delivers unparalleled transparency within the industry. Our open and clear methodology reveals both personnel and supplier expenses, fostering adaptability in the dynamic landscape of research. This approach allows for seamless transitions and adjustments in response to evolving scientific inquiries and experimental conditions.

Data Insights & Technological Innovation

MasspecLink Lab Services is dedicated to leveraging laboratory-specific technology to cultivate distinctive data insights, enhancing efficiency and adding value for our customers. Our Augmented Reality tools provide an exceptional method for servicing laboratory equipment, allowing seamless collaboration between our on-site technicians and remote OEM specialists.

Enhanced Laboratory Operational Continuity

As a premier provider of laboratory services, MasspecLink autonomously manages a greater number of assets directly at the facility, utilizing our integrated engineering expertise to guarantee consistent operational readiness, surpassing any competitor in the field.

Proficiency Within the Laboratory Environment

Our team, with a wealth of collective experience including former laboratory managers, scientists, advisory professionals, and technical engineers, is equipped to deliver comprehensive solutions ranging from intricate instrument repair to laboratory asset management, as well as lab design, operational strategies, and beyond.

Enhance your research output with improved equipment efficiency.

Delivering direct maintenance services for up to 70% of laboratory instruments and equipment.

Onsite CMMS data entry ensuring superior, client-centric data fidelity at an expert level.

Delivering direct maintenance services for up to 70% of laboratory instruments and equipment.