at Their optimal performance

Our expertise is to provide services for Sciex/Waters/Agilent mass spectrometers, and Shimadzu/Waters/Agilent HPLC/UPLC systems. With many years of services, we gained valuable experiences and techniques on mass spectrometers and HPLCs. Most of our engineers are from labs and trained with laboratory techniques and have GxP knowledge.

This combination enables us to provide superior services to laboratories because we understand your language and are more capable of identifying the root causes of instrumental issues, and also supply high quality documentation under the regulated environments.

Instrument maintenance

The Brand We Serve

Service Programs And Repair

The customized service plan is to provide our customers with their special needs, or customized solutions.

Hardware IQ/OQ/PQ

This service is for our clients working under regulated environments, such as GLP, cGMP complied laboratories.

Software Validations

Software validations are also a requirement for regulated environments, such as GLP, cGMP complied laboratories.

Instruments Relocation

Laboratory relocation and moving, setups, design and outfitting to make sure that the new facility is fully.

The masspeclink Advantage

MasspecLink Lab Services delivers unparalleled transparency within the industry. Our open and clear methodology reveals both personnel and supplier expenses, fostering adaptability in the dynamic landscape of research. This approach allows for seamless transitions and adjustments in response to evolving scientific inquiries and experimental conditions.

Work Philosophy:

  • Different model instruments have different performance, but same model should have similar performance, at least should be comparable in certain way
  • Calibration passes does not necessarily mean instrument functioning well because some parameters used in calibration are different in real study
  • Generic test will be performed to compare inter-model instruments if calibration passed but real sample has performance issue
  • Will coordinate with scientist to troubleshoot if the above problem happens
  • Ultimate goal is to increase instrument efficiency and reduce down time

Multi-Vendor Support

  • All models of Sciex Triple Quad and Q-Trap series mass spectrometers
  • Analyst software version 1.3 to 1.7.3 and OS
  • All models of Shimadzu HPLC/UHPLC systems
  • All models of Waters HPLC and UPLC systems
  • Waters Xevo TQ-S and TQD series mass spectrometers
  • All models of Agilent HPLC and UPLC systems
  • Agilent 6400 series Triple Quad and 6500 series Q-TOF mass spectrometers
  • Support most commonly used peripheral devices
  • All above can be done by same engineer
  • Follow GxP procedure and provide quality paper work

Service Response Time

  • Onsite usually the second day, but we try our best to be the same day (if within driving distance)
  • Phone support usually within two hours
  • Weekend and after hour support are available upon request (if within driving distance)

Enhance your research output with improved equipment efficiency.

Delivering direct maintenance services for up to 70% of laboratory instruments and equipment.

Onsite CMMS data entry ensuring superior, client-centric data fidelity at an expert level.

Delivering direct maintenance services for up to 70% of laboratory instruments and equipment.